City Tour in Debrecen’s Great Forest

Mesél az erdő – helytörténeti séta a Nagyerdőn

Walking tour in Debrecen’s city park, the Great Forest (Nagyerdő) that was for a long time an unfriendly jungle outside the city border. When and how has this once wild forest become a popular city park with beautiful historic buildings and countless entertainment options? Take a pleasant walk in the shade of hundred-year-old trees and explore the rich history and the amazing sights of Hungary’s first nature conservation area, the Great Forest from the beautiful villas of the Simonyi Road through the historic spa center to the awe-inspiring university building.

Route: Bem Square – Simonyi Road – Medgyessy Promenade – Vigadó Square – II. János Pál pápa Square – Lake Békás – Egyetem Square

Duration: 2 hours

Participation fee: Please ask for a tailor-made offer.

Inquiry, booking: +36 30 455 4655,