Day Trip to Hortobágy

Hortobágy day trip

Trip to Hungary’s oldest and biggest national park, Hortobágy that is located only half-an-hour’s drive from Debrecen.

Hortobágy, also known as the Hungarian Puszta, is Central Europe’s largest grassland, and an outstanding example of a cultural landscape which preserves intact and visible evidence of its traditional pastoral use over more than two millennia, and represents the harmonious interaction between people and nature, for which it is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site.

The tour contains an insight into the history and cultural heritage of this unique landscape through a sightseeing tour in the center of Hortobágy village, a horse-and-carriage ride in the protected area among grazing herds of horses, cattle and sheep, a spectacular horseman show, and a traditional ‘Puszta’ dish in the historic Hortobágy Big Inn.

Duration: 6-7 hours

Participation fee: Please ask for a tailor-made offer.

Inquiry, booking: +36 30 455 4655,