Debrecen city tour

Debreceni városnézés

Authentic, informative and entertaining tours with Go local! attitude to fully experience Debrecen.

Sightseeing Tour in Debrecen’s Historic City Center
Walking sightseeing tour along Debrecen’s iconic streets, squares and monuments flavored with informative but entertaining stories about local history, culture and traditions. >>>

Jewish heritage tour
Walking tour in Debrecen’s Jewish quarter offering an insight into the life, culture and heritage of Hungary’s second largest Jewish community. >>>

Debrecen on two wheels
Debrecen’s bike route network offers ideal conditions to explore the city on two wheels. The tour is an active recreation and a cultural experience at the same time. >>>

Women of Debrecen – Thematic City Tour
Wives in the shadow of husbands, girls seduced by poets, actresses serving the nation in the turmoil of history. >>>

City Tour in Szentlászlófalva, Debrecen’s Oldest District
Walking tour in one of Debrecen’s oldest districts Szentlászlófalva tracing old civic houses, legendary pubs, and crafts workshops. On this tour we will travel back in time exploring the beginnings of Debrecen’s history. >>>

City tour in Debrecen’s Great Forest
How has the Great Forest become a popular city park from a once unfriendly jungle? Who was inspired by the forest and how does the park keep their memory? Find the answers to these questions on a pleasant sightseeing tour in one of Hungary’s and Europe’s oldest protected natural areas, the popular Great Forest. >>>